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Hey “smart shopper”, welcome to the Consumers Win! Savings Club where we help you master the art of shopping smart.

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Consumers Win! Savings Club conducts contests on a regular basis to give you multiple ways to win both when you shop and play.

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Consumers Win! Savings Club for Shoppers

Consumers find out how you can save money locally on things you buy every day.

Consumers Win! Savings Club for Business.

Business owners, learn how to partner with consumers in your area to grow your business and your community.

Consumers Win! for Organizations

Learn how we can help you raise revenue for your organize and market you to your community.

Support growth in your local community while you save!

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A community marketing system where everyone wins!

Look for these two images when you shop to know that you
are saving money and helping your community to prosper.


Save money when you shop

Remember, it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep.


Support your local community.

Shopping local keeps dollars circulating where you live.


Support organizations in your community.

Support organizations in your community by shopping with businesses who advertise with the Consumers Win! Savings Club